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Self-Directed Checkbook Solo 401k Plans & Self-Directed Checkbook Control IRA LLCs

Discount Solo 401k – Compliant Plans, Fair Prices

Discount Solo 401k is a full service provider of specialized Solo 401k plans. All of our plans include checkbook control and are fully self-directed, allowing investment into any and all legal assets including real estate.

We take pride in delivering all of the features thousands of investors are enjoying with their self directed Solo 401k without the huge setup fees and high ongoing costs that often accompany such plans.

Our founder, Justin Windham, has well over a decade of experience creating self trusteed, self directed Solo 401k plans for self employed individuals.

A background in mortgage financing and real estate sales lead Mr. Windham to become one of the world’s foremost experts in self-directed investing at a young age. Mr. Windham was helping to train service providers including CPAs and attorneys in the early days of the industry beginning in 2003 – when costs to setup a plan were in the $3,000 range!

Fast forward to today, a time in which more and more people are realizing they can unlock the true power of their retirement accounts. Self-directed investing is becoming more common than ever. Our entire purpose is to provide the very same abilities to control your funds as others charge thousands of dollars for, only at a price that is fair and reasonable.

We are backed by a team of professionals ranging from pension and benefits specialists to CPAs and attorneys with over 45 years of experience in plan administration. Every one of our Solo 401k plans is delivered with an IRS determination letter that proves the plan’s qualified status.



Our Mission:
To provide IRS-approved plan documents to individuals at fair prices so clients can take true control of their own freedom and wealth.

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