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Self-Directed Checkbook 401k Plans for the Self-Employed

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Rob N.

Justin at Discount Solo 401K did a great job establishing solo 401k plans for my business partner and myself. Justin customized the plan to suit our needs. He was highly responsive to any questions or issues we had. He was available to assist us through the establishment of the 401k, the establishing of bank accounts, the transferring of funds from our IRAs and the signing of the loan documents. If you want to establish a high quality plan at a reasonable price I highly recommend Justin at

Rob N. | RK Homes LLC

Lisa Bushur

I use Discount Solo 401k for my own 401k plan. I’m so relieved to have this team keep my plan documents up to date. And each time I have questions, they are incredibly responsive. They are a great resource for small business.

Lisa Bushur, CPA

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Fisher Weis LLC

Justin knew exactly what he was talking about and answered all our questions. The process went very quick and within a couple of days our trust was set up and registered with the IRS. Justin supported the process from start to finish and followed up until we had our bank account opened. We highly recommend Discount Solo 401k.

Fisher Weis LLC, Chicago

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B.E. Halstead

Discount Solo 401k are simply the most efficient and responsive business people I have come across in all my over 10 years of being a business owner. They are thorough, professional and very knowledgeable. They answered all my questions promptly and make me feel they really care, so it's worth every penny. You just don't see companies like this anymore. I highly recommend Discount Solo401k. You will not regret signing up. Ask for Justin W.

B.E. Halstead - President
Halstead Homes Realty
Real Estate Broker

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Willi Sherer

I am writing to give my thoughts on forming a Solo401k with Justin Windham. From my initial query to final details, Justin gave careful and patient advice and insight to the process. He gave the right amount of emphasis and direction on the elements that mattered most and addressed all my questions and fears with answers in a way that I could understand. I was actually shocked that he was available every time I called to answer questions. I would whole heartedly encourage others to use Justin at DiscountSolo401K.


Willi Sherer

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Ron M.

After significant research I found little or no difference between this plan and the more expensive plans. After I bought the plan I received my documents quickly. The instructions were very clear. Following those instructions I had no difficulty opening bank and investment accounts. Discount Solo 401K was very responsive to the few questions I did have. I reduced the administrative fees by over $2000 per year. Based on my experience so far I am confident this was the right decision and I would gladly recommend Discount Solo 401K to others.

-Ron M. | NY

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Colin K

Justin at Discount Solo401k answered all my questions promptly about setting up my Solo401k account with checkbook control. He is indeed a true professional and explained the setup from start to finish. Thank you for all the work you did in setting up my account. I highly recommend Discount Solo401K!!!

Colin K - Houston Texas

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Wil Morgan

I signed up for Discount Solo 401k over a year ago. I have to be honest, the pricing is what first caught my eye. They offered the lowest price among all the service providers. (Some fees were over 2x what I paid)

The setup process was smooth, seamless, and secure (I was provided a clear checklist, fast response time, a secure method of transferring files). But the service was above and beyond what I expected. I was opening a checking account at my bank under the newly created 401k entity and the bank customer service reps were clueless about Solo 401k and they kept referring me to an IRA specialist or an investment broker (who also had no clue about Solo 401ks). Justin, from Discount Solo 401k, hopped on a conference call with me and the banking people to walk them through the particulars of the type of account I needed to setup. I finally was able to setup my account.

That service was above and beyond what I expected. Discount Solo 401k offers great value to its clients and I would and have referred them to family, friends, and colleagues.

Thank you Discount Solo 401k for making it easier to prepare for my retirement.

Wil Morgan
CM Business Solutions

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Rebecca and Michael Jacobsen

I highly recommend Discount Solo401K and Justin W indham for establishing a hassle-free, easy, solo 401K account that is a great value. Justin has been extremely helpful in answering our many questions and is very accessible as well.
His attention to detail and patience with his clients is unsurpassed and I encourage folks to go with Discount Solo 401K.

Rebecca and Michael Jacobsen

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I recently researched several companies for creating a Solo 401K and Discount Solo 401K Inc. was my choice. Justin was very knowledgeable about the Solo 401K plan requirements, rules and regulations for establishing the plan, very responsive with my emails and voicemails and his price was perfect. His responsiveness from sending the application, creation of the plans and for us to open up a checking account with a bank was within four days! My wife and I were able to access the documents, submit them and now we have checkbook freedom. Justin has been available to answer all of our questions during the entire process! I recommend Discount Solo 401K Inc. for all your needs with establishing your Solo 401K plans.


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William Parizek


The professional service you provide through Discount Solo 401k has been truly exceptional. Thank you.

The qualified plan documents you provided along with the accessible and personal customer service you provided along the way has transformed and empowered me to be an effective, efficient, and "fully-in-control" self-directed retirement investor.

Thank you also for your recommendation of Solera National Bank. The banking services provided by Solera have been similarly exceptional.

Kreighton Reed and Lena Barbalyuk are knowledgeable, accessible, and responsive. They understand and address the needs of self-directed IRA investors seeking banking account services for qualified plan trusts. Prior to contacting Solera, I sought to establish accounts with 7 different banking institutions and inexplicably was turned down each time. Within 24 hours of initial contact, Solera established accounts for 2 qualified plan trusts.

Again, thank you Justin.


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Discount Solo 401K was a pleasure to work with. They were fast, responsive, courteous, and professional. All email correspondence was quickly responded to. Reaching them on the phone was no problem. They helped set up an account for me during the end of the year Holiday Season and made sure it was done on time. Justin knew what he was talking about and was able to answer all my questions easily. My bank readily accepted their paperwork to set up the account. The way the account is structured, other than the set-up fee going to Discount Solo 401K, all other account funding is handled directly by the consumer which makes it much more comfortable.

J.S. | San Diego, CA