Lisa Bushur CPA

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Lisa Bushur

Lisa Bushur C.P.A. has great ideas to save you income tax. Her first book is now available, Tax Path for Middle-Income Households. This book is different than others in the income tax category, b/c this isn’t a reference book; this is real guidance with real life examples from her tax practice. Her website is, if you would like to learn more.

Lisa has been a C.P.A. for almost 3 decades and has quite a bit of tax wisdom to share. Do you know what’s even more important when it comes to your income taxes than getting them filed on time? Many folks don’t even consider this! Strategizing and planning so that you pay the least amount of income taxes is much more important than actually filing your income tax return! These are more important because it takes time and thought to execute effective income tax savings ideas.

The second reason this book is different from others is that this book isn’t as perishable as others. Lisa’s website will be updated as various income tax rates and thresholds change, so even if you are reading this book several years after it is written, you can still find relevant tax planning ideas in the book, and the updated income tax facts on her website,

You will be pleased after having read Lisa’s book, at the amount of income tax you have saved.

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